A quick log of the events I visited/held/participated in to continuously get a better programmer.

JUG Thueringen

JUG – Git Object Database

Benjamin (@dataduke) invited me to this meetup to present my Git Internals talk. Thanks to KeywebAG for hosting us, great location and service.

Lesson learned:
All in all great evening. Location, organization and moderation, the entire package. Amazing how much work Benjamin, Jonas, Carsten and the team put into these events, and it paid off. The room was literally bursting at the seams.

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Meetup: Git Analysis & Internals, GitHub Insights
Video: jugthde Meetup: Git Internals

Nov 28, 2017

Global Day of Code Retreat 2017

Together with Urs Metz, I again facilitated the Global Day of Code Retreat in Karlsruhe. Thanks to @petfic for hosting us at FiduciaGAD.

Lesson learned:
A room full of coders, makes me eager to code. Next year, I'm gonna participate and code!

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Blog: Global Day of Code Retreat 2017 in Karlsruhe
Activity: Global Day of Code Retreat in Karlsruhe

Nov 18, 2017

OpenSAP Course: Sketching Basics for IT Business

As part of my continuous learning efforts I finished this MOOC course. Sketching seamed like a neat little skill to have. Again a great, but shallow introduction (with a rather random sidetrack on responsive design).

Lesson learned:
Learning and following some basic rules is a great way to get started on sketching. But more important is constant doing and trying!

Certificate: Record of Achievement

Oct 13, 2017

Busconf 2017

Two full days of open space in Rückersbach (near Aschaffenburg) Friday and Saturday. Lightning Talks to start things of on Thursday.

Lesson learned:
Awesome group and energy! First time I managed to make particular use of the "open" part of the OpenSpace, spending the whole Saturday afternoon on my reducer implementation, totally unplanned. Thanks Nicole!

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Takeaways: My Takeaways from Busconf 2017

Aug 03, 2017
Cpp UG

CppUG – Git Object Database

The C++ User Group in Karlsruhe asked me to present my Git Internals talk at one of their upcoming events.

Lesson learned:
There is always something new to learn, this time was all destruction. So for example create a circular dependency with tree objects pointing at each other. And don't forget: "xxd - make a hexdump or do the reverse."

Link: Meetup Event
Video: KIT Webcast: CppUG – Git Object Database

Jul 12, 2017
XP Days

XP Days Germany

I volunteered to help the review process. The XP Days programm committees target is to have all proposed sessions reviewed at least twice.

Lesson learned:
Very interesting to judge sessions based on their excerpt. Makes it very clear what to write in your own session proposals. Also, Conftool has still a long way to go in terms of user experience.

Link: XP Days Germany 2017
Reviews: Review-Dashboard

May 31, 2017
Logo Entwicklertag Karlsruhe

Entwicklertag Karlsruhe 2017

This time around I moderated the Softwerkskammer track, Monday afternoon, three sessions. Other than that, the typicall mix of sessions with spectactular names but shallow content and the other way around.

Lesson learned:
Again a great way to connect with the community, colleagues and friends.

May 22, 2017

OpenSAP Course: Software Design for Non-Designers

As part of my continuous learning efforts I finished this MOOC course. User-Experience wasn't a big part of my studies and this course provided for a great, but shallow, introduction to this topic.

Lesson learned:
The practical design challenge was a great assignment to actually apply what we learned in the weeks before. The peer review was rather random though.

Certificate: Record of Achievement

Apr 17, 2017

Talk: React-Redux Test-Strategy

I gave a talk about the React-Redux and possible testing strategies. The hands-on demo was based on my private play-around project Favourite Movie List.

Blog: Blog-"2017-01-11 React-Redux Test-Strategy"
Activity: 65. Treffen der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe

Jan 11, 2017
Socrates 2016

Socrates 2016 Soltau

Socrates is two full days of open-space, followed by one day of workshops, and I took another day of to rest.

Lesson learned:
Even more unprepared, spontaneous session proposals this year. Made taking part in two sessions per slot easier, but not necessarily as interesting.
Switching to a lottery based ticket system, brought in a bunch of new people and released a lot of load from ticket server (used to timeout at start of ticket sale).

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Aug 25, 2016
Logo Entwicklertag Karlsruhe

Entwicklertag Karlsruhe 2016

I gave a talk about the git object database, again. This time a little bit more formal, some introduction slides and a 45-minute time frame (as usual in a conference setting). Still worked out great and was very well received.

Lesson learned:
Totally underestimated the networking effect of conferences. Met co-workers, fellow students, connected with Softwerkskammer Jena and so on.

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Session description: A deep dive into the Git internals

Jun, 15, 2016

Global Day of Code Retreat 2015

Together with Urs Metz, I facilitated the Global Day of Code Retreat in Karlsruhe. Thanks to @petfic for hosting us at FiduciaGAD.

Lesson learned:
Diversification was the key factor for this event to be as great as it was. Great mix of different backgrounds, programming languages and age groups.

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Activity: Global Day of Code Retreat in Karlsruhe

Nov 14, 2015

Talk: Git Internals

I gave a talk about the git internals, specifically the git object database.

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Activity: 50. Treffen der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe

Oct 14, 2015
Socrates 2015

Socrates 2015 Soltau

Socrates is two full days of open-space, followed by one day of workshops.

Lesson learned:
Extremely positive atmosphere. I felt very welcome and valued. Even sessions where you have no idea about the topic worked, as there are enough knowing people to get decent discussions out of it.

Images: Album-"Socrates-2015"

Aug 27, 2015

CodeRetreat @ Generics

Organized by Franiziska Sauerwein and facilitated by Erik Talboom we spend a whole 9to5 day doing the usual 1h-cycles. The event was hosted by Generics.

Lesson learned:
Cool session-ideas like "Babysteps" and "Whishful Thinking". I look forward to practice with them.

Activity: Code Retreat mit Erik Talboom
Images: Album-"CodeRetreat@Generics"

Mar 21, 2015

OpenSpace @ Fiducia

A one day OpenSpace, organized by the Softwerkskammer, hosted by Fiducia.

Lesson learned:
Sessions full of half knowledge are more likely to happen (compared to a "normal" conference) and don't pay anyone. Nevertheless I feel assured that "OpenSpace" is a great -unconference- way of spending your day.

Activity: Open Space der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe
Images: Activity Results

Jan 31, 2015
XP Days

XP Days Germany in Hamburg

Two days conference, followed by one day OpenSpace.

Lesson learned:
My first conference and unconference. Had a very exciting time. Two very differently interesting keynotes, which is something you won't get in OpenSpace.

Link: XP Days Germany 2014
Images: Album-"XPDays 2014 in Hamburg"

Oct 16-18, 2014

Talk: Continuous Delivery

To further engage with the Softwerkskammer I suggested to present the topic of "Continuous Delivery" at the next meeting.

Lesson learned:
Super interesting: to read up the topic, only getting input from one person (in this case Jez Humble) so the basic idea is not diluted, and then open up the discussion in a group where everyone has a different background. A whole new universe opens up.

Blog: Continuous Delivery (CD)
Activity: 32. Treffen der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe

Apr 10, 2014