A quick log of the events I visited/held/participated in to continuously get a better programmer.

Cpp UG

CppUG – Git Object Database

The C++ User Group in Karlsruhe asked me to present my Git Internals talk at one of their upcoming events.

Lesson learned:
There is always something new to learn, this time was all destruction. So for example create a circular dependency with tree objects pointing at each other. And don't forget: "xxd - make a hexdump or do the reverse."

Link: Meetup Event
Video: KIT Webcast: CppUG – Git Object Database

Jul 12, 2017
XP Days

XP Days Germany

I volunteered to help the review process. The XP Days programm committees target is to have all proposed sessions reviewed at least twice.

Lesson learned:
Very interesting to judge sessions based on their excerpt. Makes it very clear what to write in your own session proposals. Also, Conftool has still a long way to go in terms of user experience.

Link: XP Days Germany 2017
Reviews: Review-Dashboard

May 31, 2017
Logo Entwicklertag Karlsruhe

Entwicklertag Karlsruhe 2017

This time around I moderated the Softwerkskammer track, Monday afternoon, three sessions. Other than that, the typicall mix of sessions with spectactular names but shallow content and the other way around.

Lesson learned:
Again a great way to connect with the community, colleagues and friends.

May 22, 2017

Course: Software Design for Non-Designers

As part of my continuous learning efforts I finished this MOOC course. User-Experience wasn't a big part of my studies and this course provided for a great, but shallow, introduction to this topic.

Lesson learned:
The practical design challenge was a great assignment to actually apply what we learned in the weeks before. The peer review was rather random though.

Certificate: Record of Achievement

Apr 17, 2017

Talk: React-Redux Test-Strategy

I gave a talk about the React-Redux and possible testing strategies. The hands-on demo was based on my private play-around project Favourite Movie List.

Blog: Blog-"2017-01-11 React-Redux Test-Strategy"
Activity: 65. Treffen der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe

Jan 11, 2017
Socrates 2016

Socrates 2016 Soltau

Socrates is two full days of open-space, followed by one day of workshops, and I took another day of to rest.

Lesson learned:
Even more unprepared, spontaneous session proposals this year. Made taking part in two sessions per slot easier, but not necessarily as interesting.
Switching to a lottery based ticket system, brought in a bunch of new people and released a lot of load from ticket server (used to timeout at start of ticket sale).

Images: Album-"Socrates-2016"

Aug 25, 2016
Logo Entwicklertag Karlsruhe

Entwicklertag Karlsruhe 2016

I gave a talk about the git object database, again. This time a little bit more formal, some introduction slides and a 45-minute time frame (as usual in a conference setting). Still worked out great and was very well received.

Lesson learned:
Totally underestimated the networking effect of conferences. Met co-workers, fellow students, connected with Softwerkskammer Jena and so on.

Images: Album-"ETKA16"
Session description: A deep dive into the Git internals

Jun, 15, 2016

Global Day of Code Retreat 2015

Together with Urs Metz, I facilitated the Global Day of Code Retreat in Karlsruhe. Thanks to @petfic for hosting us at FiduciaGAD.

Lesson learned:
Diversification was the key factor for this event to be as great as it was. Great mix of different backgrounds, programming languages and age groups.

Images: Album-"GDCR15"
Activity: Global Day of Code Retreat in Karlsruhe

Nov 14, 2015

Talk: Git Internals

I gave a talk about the git internals, specifically the git object database.

Images: Album-"KA-Treffen Git Internals"
Activity: 50. Treffen der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe

Oct 14, 2015
Socrates 2015

Socrates 2015 Soltau

Socrates is two full days of open-space, followed by one day of workshops.

Lesson learned:
Extremely positive atmosphere. I felt very welcome and valued. Even sessions where you have no idea about the topic worked, as there are enough knowing people to get decent discussions out of it.

Images: Album-"Socrates-2015"

Aug 27, 2015

CodeRetreat @ Generics

Organized by Franiziska Sauerwein and facilitated by Erik Talboom we spend a whole 9to5 day doing the usual 1h-cycles. The event was hosted by Generics.

Lesson learned:
Cool session-ideas like "Babysteps" and "Whishful Thinking". I look forward to practice with them.

Activity: Code Retreat mit Erik Talboom
Images: Album-"CodeRetreat@Generics"

Mar 21, 2015

OpenSpace @ Fiducia

A one day OpenSpace, organized by the Softwerkskammer, hosted by Fiducia.

Lesson learned:
Sessions full of half knowledge are more likely to happen (compared to a "normal" conference) and don't pay anyone. Nevertheless I feel assured that "OpenSpace" is a great -unconference- way of spending your day.

Activity: Open Space der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe
Images: Activity Results

Jan 31, 2015
XP Days

XP Days Germany in Hamburg

Two days conference, followed by one day OpenSpace.

Lesson learned:
My first conference and unconference. Had a very exciting time. Two very differently interesting keynotes, which is something you won't get in OpenSpace.

Link: XP Days Germany 2014
Images: Album-"XPDays 2014 in Hamburg"

Oct 16-18, 2014

Talk: Continuous Delivery

To further engage with the Softwerkskammer I suggested to present the topic of "Continuous Delivery" at the next meeting.

Lesson learned:
Super interesting: to read up the topic, only getting input from one person (in this case Jez Humble) so the basic idea is not diluted, and then open up the discussion in a group where everyone has a different background. A whole new universe opens up.

Blog: Continuous Delivery (CD)
Activity: 32. Treffen der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe

Apr 10, 2014