Events - Archive - 2016

A quick log of the events I visited/held/participated in to continuously get a better programmer in 2016.

Socrates 2016

Socrates 2016 Soltau

Socrates is two full days of open-space, followed by one day of workshops, and I took another day of to rest.

Lesson learned:
Even more unprepared, spontaneous session proposals this year. Made taking part in two sessions per slot easier, but not necessarily as interesting.
Switching to a lottery based ticket system, brought in a bunch of new people and released a lot of load from ticket server (used to timeout at start of ticket sale).

Aug 25, 2016
Logo Entwicklertag Karlsruhe

Entwicklertag Karlsruhe 2016

I gave a talk about the git object database, again. This time a little bit more formal, some introduction slides and a 45-minute time frame (as usual in a conference setting). Still worked out great and was very well received.

Lesson learned:
Totally underestimated the networking effect of conferences. Met co-workers, fellow students, connected with Softwerkskammer Jena and so on.

Session description: A deep dive into the Git internals

Jun, 15, 2016