Events - Archive - 2014

A quick log of the events I visited/held/participated in to continuously get a better programmer in 2014.

XP Days

XP Days Germany in Hamburg

Two days conference, followed by one day OpenSpace.

Lesson learned:
My first conference and unconference. Had a very exciting time. Two very differently interesting keynotes, which is something you won't get in OpenSpace.

Link: XP Days Germany 2014

Oct 16-18, 2014

Talk: Continuous Delivery

To further engage with the Softwerkskammer I suggested to present the topic of "Continuous Delivery" at the next meeting.

Lesson learned:
Super interesting: to read up the topic, only getting input from one person (in this case Jez Humble) so the basic idea is not diluted, and then open up the discussion in a group where everyone has a different background. A whole new universe opens up.

Blog: Continuous Delivery (CD)
Activity: 32. Treffen der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe

Apr 10, 2014