Events - Archive - 2015

A quick log of the events I visited/held/participated in to continuously get a better programmer in 2015.


Global Day of Code Retreat 2015

Together with Urs Metz, I facilitated the Global Day of Code Retreat in Karlsruhe. Thanks to @petfic for hosting us at FiduciaGAD.

Lesson learned:
Diversification was the key factor for this event to be as great as it was. Great mix of different backgrounds, programming languages and age groups.

Activity: Global Day of Code Retreat in Karlsruhe

Nov 14, 2015

Talk: Git Internals

I gave a talk about the git internals, specifically the git object database.

Activity: 50. Treffen der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe

Oct 14, 2015
Socrates 2015

Socrates 2015 Soltau

Socrates is two full days of open-space, followed by one day of workshops.

Lesson learned:
Extremely positive atmosphere. I felt very welcome and valued. Even sessions where you have no idea about the topic worked, as there are enough knowing people to get decent discussions out of it.

Link: Socrates Germany History

Aug 27, 2015

CodeRetreat @ Generics

Organized by Franiziska Sauerwein and facilitated by Erik Talboom we spend a whole 9to5 day doing the usual 1h-cycles. The event was hosted by Generics.

Lesson learned:
Cool session-ideas like "Babysteps" and "Whishful Thinking". I look forward to practice with them.

Activity: Code Retreat mit Erik Talboom

Mar 21, 2015

OpenSpace @ Fiducia

A one day OpenSpace, organized by the Softwerkskammer, hosted by Fiducia.

Lesson learned:
Sessions full of half knowledge are more likely to happen (compared to a "normal" conference) and don't pay anyone. Nevertheless I feel assured that "OpenSpace" is a great -unconference- way of spending your day.

Activity: Open Space der Softwerkskammer Karlsruhe
Images: Activity Results

Jan 31, 2015